EURO - ŽEL 201624th International Symposium


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14.04.2016 Change of symposium status This year symposium will be held as a virtual conference.
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Selected presentations

Update 13.06.11

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Infrastructure, construction and maintenance

The Maintenance Planning of Serbian Railway Infrastructure in Accordance with European Standards
Puzavac, L., Popović, Z., Lazarević, L., Ivić, M., Kosijer, M., Belošević, I., University of Belgrade, Serbia
Curve with Non-linear Change of Curvature - 3D Modelling
Lazarević, l., Popović, z., Puzavac, l., Kosijer, m., Ivić, m., Belošević, I., University of Belgrade, Serbia
Using Thin Turnouts for New and Upgraded Lines
Smolka, M., Puda, B., Zbořil, J., DT - Výhybkárna a strojírna, a.s., Prostějov, Czech Republic
A CPN Model for Safety Assement of a Train Terminal
Barger, P., Schön, W., UTC, Compiegne, France
Train Station Exits in the Longitudinal Section: a Driving Dynamical Investigation
Jurecka, K, Schoebel, A., Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria
The Maintenance Sstrategy Against Rolling Contact Fatigue
Popović, Z., Puzavac, L., Lazarević, L., Belošević, I., Ivić, M., Kosijer, M., University of Belgrade, Serbia
State and Development of Railway Tracks in Conditions of Slovak Republic
Gocálová, Z., Ižvolt, L., Kupčuliak, P., University of Žilina, Žilina, Slovakia
Services for railway passengers, rail vehicles

Luggage Lockers - Needs and Expectation of Passengers
Rüger, B., Graf, H.-Ch., Stadlmann, B., St.Pölten University of Applied Sciences, Austria
Accessible Boarding - a Must or Nice to Have?
Rüger, B., Simic, G., Petutschnig, B., Vienna University of Technology, Research Centre for Railway Engineering, Austria
smartSTORE – The Innovative System for Automatic Luggage Storage Services at Railway Stations
Graf, H-Ch., Stadlmann, B., Rüger, B., St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, Austria
Advanced Composite Materials for the Railroad Cars
Garustovich, I., Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, Moscow, Russia
Railway operation and operation control

New Trends of ZONA IS in Environment of Slovak Railways
Šotek, K., Univerzita Pardubice, Czech Republic, Kršák, E., Bachratý, H., University of Žilina, Žilina, Slovakia
Establishing Manoeuvre Work Indicators in the Pick-up Trains Forming Process Using the Simultaneous Method
Ivić, M., Belošević, I., Marković,. M., Vesković, S., Pavlović, N., Milinković, S., Kosijer, M., University of Belgrade, Serbia
Improving Boarding Assistance Systems Practice
Simić, G., Rüger, B., Milković, D., University Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
Periodic Timetable for TEZ - Background and Assumptions
Márton, P., Javorka, J., University of Žilina, Žilina, Slovakia
Analysing and Assessing the Relevance of Last-mile-links for Railway Trips
Frey, H., Schopf, M., Rüger, B. Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria
Railway as a Backbone for Regional Passenger Transport
Abramović, B., Blaskovic Zavada, J., Steficar, S., University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
Renewal Feasibility from Stakeholders/ /Operators View
Pavšek A., Šemrov, D., Zemljič, F., Žura M., DDC Consulting & Engineering Ltd., Ljubljana, Slovenia
Control and safety systems in railway transport

ELPULT – Integrated Railway Traffic Control System
Lanots, P., Sághi, B.,Tarnai, G., Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
Modern Interlocking System for Žilina Teplička Marshalling Yard
Bahr, D., Jakubík, C., Merva, M., Automatizácia železničnej dopravy a.s., Bratislava, Slovakia
Some Aspects of RBC - OBU Communication
Ouředníček, J., Dorazil, P., AŽD Praha s.r.o., Czech Republic
Assessment of ETCS-definition in Terms of Its Formalisation
Marek, J., AŽD Praha s.r.o., Czech Republic
Formal Verification of Safety Communication Protocol for ETCS
Chen Liije, Schnieder, E., Xianqiong Zhao, The Institute for Traffic Safety and Automation Engineering, Braunschweig, Germany
Localisation systems

Economic Analysis of Satellite Based Systems in Comparison to Traditional Localisation Technologies
Bazán, M. C., Schnieder, E., Manz, H.,TU Braunschweig, iVA, Germany
Metrological standardization for rail applications of satellite based localization systems
Manz, H., Rütters, R., Schäfer, B., Engelhardt, T., TU Braunschweig, Germany
Czech Railways and Satellite Navigation
Kolář, P., Kaufmann, Z., Vašátko, J., České dráhy, a.s., Czech Republic
Estimation of Localization Parameters in Positioning of Dynamic Objects
Hodoň, M., University of Žilina, Žilina, Slovakia
Control and Information systems

Wayside Train Monitoring at Bernolakovo
Karner, J, Schöbel, A.: Vienna University of Technolog, Austria
ANG: Requirement Refinement to Test Case Generation for Embedded Railway Control Systems
Yang Jing, Peres, F., Ghazel, M., University of Lille, IFSTTAR, Villeneuve d'Ascq, France

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